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Tools of Creation by Copper-LightSource

This just really strikes the heart of what most of us artists on deviantART call true art. Lumna looks so hopeful, so inspirational with that look in her eyes- the way artists think when they're starting a new drawing because they're hoping for it to turn out well. Umbra's eyes and her pose cast a sort of stupor on the viewer when they look at her- she, honestly, is the one who catches my eye the most. She shows the seriousness and the depth of writing, which is coming mostly from her eyes. The way that you also took real pictures and put Lumna and Umbra on there and the way that those pictures are of your main art productivity, well, books, was well placed too. I also like how you have the pencils in the background of Umbra's half- it shows that you're not really afraid to reveal a part of yourself. The light emanating from them makes the art look epic, and not in the way that people usually use that word now. Epic as in I am slightly awestruck. Overall, I really love this! Keep it up! <3
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